Richard  Ray  Farrell

"The blues will never die, because it's not a fad, it's a way of life."

Down Home Old School Country Blues (By Craig Ruskey)

DownHome"Brilliant stuff!" 16 tracks, 59 minutes - highly recommended. While discussions continue as to the current state of blues, artists likeRichard Ray Farrell and Steve Guyger forge ahead doing what they do best - they play the music like it's meant to be played - with conviction, respect, and an all-too-rare ability to convey true feeling without sounding like they were recently dusted off some museum shelf. This is the real deal, honest-to-goodness Down Home Old School Country Blues played by two masters whose abilities flow together effortlessly. Vocal chores are shared by the team with Farrell handing in Good Morning Little School Girl, Friar's Point Blues, Gimme Mine Now, and Cocaine Blues, among others, with Guyger tackling Cool Cool Place To Go, That's Alright, Sail On, I Gotta Go plus a few more, and both know the meaning of phrasing and finding the core of the music they play. As far as unheralded modern-day bluesmen go, it doesn't get any more real than what Richard Ray Farrell and Steve Guyger deliver, and their lengthy histories and credits attest to their talent. Brilliant stuff!

Craig Ruskey