Richard  Ray  Farrell

"The blues will never die, because it's not a fad, it's a way of life."

Bohemian life (By Steve Landy)

It's hot in Georgia right now. The sun wakes and bakes the asphalt until the late afternoon when the thunderstorms roll in,  turning up the humidity so much the shirt sticks to your back.

A fitting time to sit back on the porch and reach for this new release from blues journeyman Richard Ray Farrell.  Anyone familiar with Richard Ray's previous outing on "Bohemian Life" will find no comparisons here,…

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Bohemian life (By Tom Hyslop, Bruce Iglauer, Michael Rainsford and Craig Ruskey)

Three names, no hat: Richard Ray Farrell, who's just returned Stateside after nearly three decades in Europe as a street musician and bandleader, has recorded his first domestic album. Bohemian Life (Blue Beet 100001) is a dazzling demonstration of his writing and performing skill.

The 16 originals display tasty harmonica and guitar, no-jive singing, and range: "Cold Heart" hits with a martial drum pattern and crisply staccato guitar lines, "Bad Intentions" is…

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