Richard  Ray  Farrell

"The blues will never die, because it's not a fad, it's a way of life."

Camino de Sanlucar Blue Beet (By Jim Hynes)

Richard Ray Farrell & the Spanish Band. From start to finish, Camino de Sanlucar is one of the most energetic, pulsating studio blues recordings released in a while. You're drawn directly to the liner notes where Richard Ray Farrell, the exemplary Bucks County, PA bluesman writes, "Welcome to Andalucia, Spain - the land of Picasso-and yes-progressive blues." Throughout the album the Spanish Band players all deliver fiery backing support to Farrell's…

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Stuck On The Blues Blue Beet (By Mick Rainsford)

Let's start with the acoustic set where Farrell follows up his fine collaboration with Steve Guyger with, and introducing, another harp maestro in Marco Pandolfi.

Like all of his CDs, this set is a mix of Farrell originals and well chosen covers including an obligatory Robert Johnson.

Farrell has a natural, unforced vocal style that is ideally suited to acoustic blues - and, as on his previous release with Guyger,…

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Stuck On The Blues (By Craig Ruskey)

14 tracks, 48 minutes. Excellent. It's not apparent who suggested pairing the talents of Richard Ray Farrell, a native of the United States, with the Italian-born and raised Marco Pandolfi, but a tip of the hat is in order along with a complimentary cocktail or two. Farrell is a deft and rhythmic guitar player who packs an incredibly soulful voice in his luggage while Pandolfi offers his own richly expressive harmonica to…

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