Richard  Ray  Farrell

"The blues will never die, because it's not a fad, it's a way of life."

Stuck On The Blues (By Rene Malines)

Let's stay with acoustic but change styles completely with the meeting of these two monsters of talent, American Richard Ray Farrell, guitar and vocal, and Italian Marco Pandolfi, harmonicas. If Farrell has already proven the width of his art on his previous albums reviewed here before (see Virus de Blues older issues), Pandolfi is no slouch either in a "I-swallowed-it-all-and-I'm-giving-it-back-with-class" style. The two men association seems as natural as can…

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Down Home Old School Country Blues (By A. Grigg)

It didn't take long for Richard Ray Farrell to "win-friends-and-influence-people' (especially the 'right people') upon his return to the U.S. after spending most of the last 30 years in Europe. Anyone doing an album with Harmonica Ace Steve Guyger deserves/demands our attention as Guyger is strictly 'old school' and also at a level of talent & experience that sees few peers (especially since Guyger worked with Chicago legend Big Guitar Red a.k.a. Walter Smith for several years). In…

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Down Home Old School Country Blues (By Mick Rainsford)

"Down Home Old School Country Blues" is an apt title for this wonderful set from two of my favourite blues artists -- Richard Ray Farrell and harp maestro Steve Guyger.

Between them, this duo have racked up 65 years of performing the blues -- and it shows as they perform sixteen well chosen covers, investing them with a new life but retaining that earthy, feral beauty that epitomizes the work…

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